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Daily Departure Drying

Drying Process

Take a look at what the drying process can look like. These air movers and dehumidifiers work together in harmony, to get wet materials dry in your home or business. 

Daily Departure Drying

Drying Daily Departure

Drying equipment is placed from beginning to end on most water mitigation jobs. Our production crew will often place drying equipment before removing flooring to see if the air movers can dry the flooring and avoid removal. If removal is deemed necessary, then air movers are placed after to continue the drying process on the subflooring. 

cause of loss for water damage

Toss up Cause of Loss

When this customer called us at SERVPRO of Anderson, they were unsure what the cause of loss in their home was. It was a toss up between the HVAC leaking and a water heater malfunction. As can be seen from the photo above, it was determined that the cause of loss was indeed the water heater. 

water damage seeping through ceiling around electrical outlets

Water Damage Near Electrical Outlet

This was some of the aftermath of a water loss that happened on the main floor of this Anderson, SC home. The customer's noticed that the water damage was surrounding electrical outlets and promptly turned off the power to the room. This is an important step to take to ensure your safety. If you are unsure if your water loss has reached anything electrical, call a professional to help you address the situation safely. At SERVPRO of Anderson, our production members are experienced enough to handle any water loss. Give us a call at (864)-224-0285.