Storm Damage Photo Gallery

cause of loss for water damage

Fallen Tree causes Water Damage

This family in Upstate, South Carolina suffered water damage to the majority of their home when a tree fell on the roof, damaging it. The moisture that was allowed passage, caused microbial growth to begin, causing more damage for the homeowners. SERVPRO of Anderson was able to come in and completely pack out the property to make sure the affected space and its contents were mitigated fully. If you suffer any water damage from these summer storms, make sure to give us a call at SERVPRO of Anderson at (864)-224-0285. 

cause of loss for water damage

Rain Water Cause of Loss

This customer suffered water damage when the rain entered their home from the garage and into the basement. For our initial visit, the customer just wanted SERVPRO of Anderson to perform extraction services and provide a scope for further services. The customer was happy to have all standing water removed promptly and a set figure on which to make a decision on any further services. 

removed drywall in bedroom of home

NY Storm Damage

SERVPRO of Anderson's Strom team has been in New York helping mitigate water damage from Hurricane Ida. The storm caused some serious flooding in the north east of the United States and as you can see in the photo above, demolition was needed to fully mitigate in many of the homes affected. This family's home had water damage that affected multiple floors, this photo being the second floor that seeped into the first floor ceiling. 

Water stains on ceiling from burst pipe

Water Damage in Anderson, SC

This was the aftermath of a burst pipe from freezing temperatures. As can be seen in the photo, there was significant water damage that leaked down from the second story. SERVPRO of Anderson's production crew were on site the day we were called out to get started on the mitigation process. If you experience any water damage in your home, give us a call at (864)-224-0285.

Photo of drying equipment drying home affected by storm damage.

Storm Damage Causes Flooded Home

This is the equipment that SERVPRO Anderson uses to dry flooded materials. In this situation, the flooring and walls needed to be removed in order to properly dry. Once the saturated materials were removed, production was able to set equipment to dry the remaining materials. Make sure to give SERVPRO Anderson a call for any of your mitigation needs at (864)-224-0285.

Floor in hallway and bedroom entrance showing water on the ground from flooding due to storm surge

Hurricane Sally Leaves Florida Home Flooded

This home in Florida suffered some major water damage throughout the home. Hurricane Sally had a major storm surge that affected lots of homes. This family called out to SERVPRO of Anderson's production crew, who were in Florida to aid in clean up. Our team was out there in a flash to help this family get their home back in working order. If you or your family have suffered similar damages due to the storm, give us a call at (864)-224-0285.

Production crew members standing outside office in front of SERVPRO green vans ready to go help at storm

SERVPRO Anderson is 'Here to Help!'

SERVPRO of Anderson's production crew got ready to head down to the gulf to help with the affects of Hurricane Sally. Our production crew is awesome and works around he clock to be 'Faster to Any Disaster".

A room with a lot of stuff and bikes in it with drying machines on the ground

Storm Damage to Bike Shop

This business had flooding due to a storm. They had standing water in multiple rooms of their office space and wanted it dried as soon as possible! We completed the drying overnight and the business was back up and running the next day!

Wet floor with the carpet taken up and a drying machine

Home Experiences Water Damage From Storm

A storm caused a leak in a roof at a home leading to water damage inside their house. Multiple rooms had water in them and had damaged carpet, but we were able to fix the problem in no time!

Water restoration machinery and mats on a hardwood floor

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

SERVPRO of Anderson uses a mat drying system to dry hardwood floors. This home experienced severe water and storm damage and needed our help! The home was restored back to normal in no time!

A woman wearing a SERVPRO mask

Here to Help!

Whether you experience storm damage, fire damage, water damage, or commercial property damage SERVPRO of Anderson is here to help! Our employees are committed to keeping you and your home safe during COVID-19.