Photo Gallery

A room with a lot of stuff and bikes in it with drying machines on the ground

Storm Damage to Bike Shop

This business had flooding due to a storm. They had standing water in multiple rooms of their office space and wanted it dried as soon as possible! We completed the drying overnight and the business was back up and running the next day!

A room with wet carpet floors and tables

Water Damage Caused by Leak in Ice Machine

This church experienced a leak in their ice machine which caused water damage to 3 of the rooms in their building. We were quick to dry out most of the affected areas in only 4 days!

One picture of a concrete basement with water on the floor and one picture of the dried basement

Before and After of Basement Water Damage

Has your basement experienced flooding? This is a Before and After picture of a basement restored after it experienced extreme water damage. Call 864-224-0285 today if you need water damage restoration completed in you home!

Wet floor with the carpet taken up and a drying machine

Home Experiences Water Damage From Storm

A storm caused a leak in a roof at a home leading to water damage inside their house. Multiple rooms had water in them and had damaged carpet, but we were able to fix the problem in no time!

Stain glass window

Church Cleaning

SERVPRO of Anderson will clean your local church! This is a picture from a church that had multiple windows throughout that were in need of cleaning and we helped make them look as good as new! 

The outside of a burnt house and a car that have windows broken

Fire Damage Restoration

Have you experienced a fire at your home? If so we are here to help! This photo is the aftermath of an electrical fire that started in the laundry room and spread through the house. It caused the ceiling to fall and all the windows to break leading to major damage. 

A ceiling with pieces cut out

Ceiling Water Damage

A pipe leaked in a home causing damage to the ceiling and floor of the home. Three days after receiving the call, SERVPRO restored the house back to normal! The owner was very pleased! 

A hallway that has 2 fans and a machine drying the carpet floor

Commercial Property Water Damage

Has your commercial property experienced a leaking pipe or storm damage? SERVPRO of Anderson will bring in some of our best equipment and restore your property back to normal in no time!

3 green air scrubbers

Air Scrubbers

If you need unsafe chemicals, particles, or gasses in the air at your home removed SERVPRO of Anderson is ready to help! We will bring one of these Air Scrubbers to your home to filter the air. Air Scrubbers are portable air moving devices equipped with carbon filtration. After we come to your home with this machine, the air in your house will be as good as new.

Water restoration machinery and mats on a hardwood floor

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

SERVPRO of Anderson uses a mat drying system to dry hardwood floors. This home experienced severe water and storm damage and needed our help! The home was restored back to normal in no time!

A clean room with tables and chairs set up

Post Commercial Cleaning Job

Would you ever guess this room was vandalized?This picture is what a commercial property looked like after SERVPRO of Anderson completed the job. The owners were extremely happy with the cleanup our team completed!

An ambulance, fire truck, and SERVPRO tent in a parking lot

Fogging for First Responders

The SERVPRO of Anderson and West Greenville County team partnered with a State Farm Insurance Agent and held a free vehicle fogging for first responders. This was a way the SERVPRO team could give back to the people who are giving so much time and energy to our communities!

3 pictures of a SERVPRO branded truck with flames and water on it

SERVPRO of Anderson and West Greenville County

The owners of SERVPRO of Anderson are also the owners of SERVPRO of West Greenville County. They are so happy to serve multiple areas in the upstate to ensure proper restoration cleanup. Take a look at our new truck!

7 individuals wearing SERVPRO gear standing in front of a SERVPRO vehicle

Fire and Water Damage Restoration

The SERVPRO of Anderson team is here to help YOU. We have multiple trained individuals who will help restore your home after it experiences fire damage or water damage. Call the numbers on our vehicle today if you are in need of restoration services!

A woman wearing a SERVPRO mask

Here to Help!

Whether you experience storm damage, fire damage, water damage, or commercial property damage SERVPRO of Anderson is here to help! Our employees are committed to keeping you and your home safe during COVID-19.

A room in a house with a burned floor, walls, ceiling, oven and couch all covered in fire ashes.

Fire Damage to Home in SC

The ceiling and walls of this South Carolina home were destroyed due to an electrical fire starting in the kitchen. The entire home was damaged, but we helped restore the home to make this hard time a little more bearable for the homeowners.

Fans and water restoration machines sitting on hardwood floors

Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of Anderson helped complete water damage restoration to an apartment. The water damage occurred due to a broken pipe and flooded multiple rooms in the apartment. We were happy to help restore the apartment!

Two men in SERVPRO gear with their bikes at a bike race

SERVPRO Helping in the Community

SERVPRO of Anderson biked and volunteered for the Hincapie Grand Fondo bike race! We would like to thank all of our volunteers for helping give back to our local community!

An uncleaned chair next to a cleaned version of the chair

Upholstery Cleaning

This is a picture of a set of chairs SERVPRO of Anderson cleaned for a residential home. The chair on the left is what the chairs looked like before they were cleaned by our team. The chair on the right is what the chairs looked like after they were cleaned. 

A two year old girl vacuuming the carpet

Future Employee in Training

Paislee, our Office Manager's daughter, is being trained early to follow in her family's footsteps to work at SERVPRO of Anderson! Here at SERVPRO of Anderson we value the work we do to help our customers, but we also value our family members.