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containment and plastic protection

Containment for Demolition

During the water mitigation process, demolition is sometimes necessary to properly mitigate the affected area. When our production crew has to provide demolition services, we always place containment to protect the rest of the structure from any contaminants in the air. This step also helps to avoid any further damage to the home or business. 

toilet in bathroom that was the cause of water loss

Cause of Loss; Leaking Toilet

This leaky toilet was the cause of loss in this Upstate home. Our team was able to act quickly and save the flooring in the space that was the initial cause of loss. 

daily departure photo

Drying After Demolition

It may seem like drying is a part of the water mitigation process that takes place first. While that is the case on some jobs, when our production crew knows that demolition is going to be necessary, they perform those services first, then place drying equipment to complete the process. 

moisture level reading on floor being stabilized

Initial Moisture Readings

Moisture readings are something that our production team takes throughout the entire water mitigation process. The most important reading is the initial reading, because that tells us how much demolition work needs to be done. This is what our readings look like, and as can be seen above, this flooring is reading very wet. 

SERVPRO Green drying equipment placed in hallway

Safety First

This photo is what you can expect if our crew has come in and placed drying equipment in your home or business after a water loss. The equipment is strategically placed and then the cords are taped down to prevent any tripping hazards. Our crew will monitor this equipment daily and take readings to make sure its arrangement is properly drying the space. 

production member wearing personal protective equipment

Dylan in PPE

All of our production members wear personal protective equipment on every job! With the ongoing pandemic, we at SERVPRO of Anderson want to take all the necessary precautions to take care of our employees and our customers. 

water damage in attic of home

Attic Water Damage

Water damage in a small attic space from a burst water heater. With the warm months starting, moisture like this can produce microbial growth within 24 hours. Act fast and call the professionals at SERVPRO of Anderson at (864)-224-0285. 

photo of equipment set to dry subflooring

Daily Departure Photos

During any water mitigation job, when equipment is set, there will be a production member who comes to monitor the equipment and take photo evidence of the progress. This is an important step to assure that the drying process is progressing the correct way. The SERPVRO of Anderson production member will take moisture readings and move the equipment if necessary to dry certain areas of the affected space.

photo of a sketch of mitigation space on graph paper

First Step in Mitigation Estimate

When you call us at SERVPRO of Anderson, it is likely that you will see one of our production members sketching something similar to this while they scope your loss. A sketch is crucial in the estimate process, giving our office staff a good idea of the layout of your home or business. 

production member mopping residential building

Anderson, SC Cleaning Job

SERVPRO of Anderson offers an extensive variety of services, including cleaning services. Give us a call for our cleaning services at (864)-224-0285. 

production member wearing personal protective equipment

Toby in PPE

SERVPRO of Anderson's production member Toby sports his mask on every job. PPE became an important part of everyone's lives when COVID hit, but at SERVPRO of Anderson it is an important step on every job we encounter. 

content protection in upstate, SC home

Content Protection in Upstate, SC Home

This is an example of the content protection that we place at SERVPRO of Anderson during the mitigation and demolition process. It is our goal to leave your home or business in as close to pre loss condition as possible. This includes all of the belongings near our job site. 

containment and plastic protection

Plastic Protection and Containment

This home that SERVPRO of Anderson provided services for needed a great deal of demolition. In jobs like this, our production crew puts up plastic to protect parts of the home that do not need any mitigation services. This is an important step to us as we strive to leave your home or business in as close to pre loss condition as possible. 

green plastic laid on floor for protection

Floor Protection

This home that SERVPRO of Anderson provided water mitigation services for, was an empty home that is on the market ready to sell. Due to the nature of the house, our production crew worked very hard to protect the floors and keep the home in pre loss condition. We laid down plastic for all crew to walk on in the attempt to keep the floors in pristine condition. It is always our goal to keep your home or business in a close to pre loss condition as possible. 

dishwasher in kitchen that was the cause of loss

Dishwasher Leak Causes Damage to Honea Path, SC Home

SERVPRO of Anderson was called out to this home in Honea Path, SC by the customer's insurance company. They requested that our production crew go out to scope and provide an estimate of repair.  The pictured dishwasher leaked, causing damage to flooring in the kitchen, hallway, dining room, and crawlspace. Cause of loss photos are one of the requirements that insurance needs for the initial scope and is usually the first photo taken on site. 

customers belongings covered with tarp

First Step in Water Mitigation

One of the first steps our production crew will take in a customer's home or business is to place containment to prevent cross contamination. The containment will remain in place until the entirety of the job is complete. This includes the time where drying equipment is set to continue drying post demolition and treatment. 

treatment to bathroom floor

Treatment Process after Demolition

SERVPRO of Anderson always takes the extra step in water mitigation jobs to ensure that the area is properly mitigated. This is the treatment process that our production crew provides after any demolition needed has been completed. This treatment can help prevent any microbial growth during the drying process. After it has been placed, drying equipment is often set to complete the process. 

demolition process in a laundry room with flooring being ripped up

Demolition Process

At SERVPRO of Anderson, we believe in showing our customers the good, bad, and ugly. While it is always our goal to leave your home in as close to pre loss condition as possible, there are parts of the process that look a bit like this. This photo was taken in the middle of the demolition process. Notice in the photo, the flooring is mid removal, and doesn't look very pretty. Our production crew work hard to make sure that jobs that do create messes, stay localized to where they are working. Measures like containment are taken to keep the rest of your home or business pristine. Call us at SERVPRO of Anderson and we promise to keep it real with you, every step of the way. 

SERVPRO of Anderson production member wearing ppe

PPE for Every Job

At SERVPRO of Anderson, our production members wear personal protection equipment on every job, every time. Even if it is something a simple as a mask, our main goal is to keep all of our production members and customers safe and healthy during this pandemic. 

photo of containment placed on doorway

Containment for Mold Loss

SERVPRO of Anderson takes the extra step to set up containment like this to protect our customer's belongings. Our production crew does this if demolition or treatment is being performed to help keep our customer's home in as close to pre loss condition as possible. Call us at (864)-224-0285 for any of our services. 

open beams from water mitigation

Demolition Leaves Home Ready for Reconstruction

SERVPRO of Anderson completed water mitigation and demolition services on this home when they suffered minor water damage. Drywall throughout the room was saturated, causing a quick removal. The room is left ready for a swift reconstruction.

water heater that caused water damages to home

Cause of Loss; Water Heater

Water heaters are the cause of loss for many families in the upstate. Whether they fail, overflow, or bust, they can cause some serious damage to a home. Regular maintenance can help prevent this kind of disaster in your home or business. Check out our blog to learn how to keep up with your appliances. If disaster should strike, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Anderson to come take care of the cleanup and mitigation. Call us at (864)-224-0285.

fridge that caused water damage to kitchen

Cause of Loss; Refrigerator Water Line

Refrigerator water lines can be a sneaky culprit to residential water losses. This family came home to find their kitchen floor soft from a leak over time. Be sure to regularly check the water lines to help prevent damage. If you do find a leak, give us a call at SERVPRO of Anderson at (864)-224-0285.

photo of SERVPRO drying equipment placed on subfloors

Daily Departure Photos

Each day that our SERVPRO of Anderson production crew visits a customers home or place of business, a photo is taken to document. This is done for our crew to know how the equipment was placed when they left. Our production team is very through with everything they do.

Give us a call at SERVPRO of Anderson for your mitigation and restoration needs at (864)-224-0285!

shower with removed tile and walls

Affected Sub-Floor in Family Shower

At SERVPRO of Anderson, we always hope for the best case scenario. Sometimes, when removing affected material we do find that the material below it has also been affected. Like in the photo above, the water damage in this shower affected the tile below, causing a need for further work. 

small piece of flooring removed to reveal tile underneath

Flooring removal for asbestos testing

Did you know that if your home was built before the 1980's that it could contain asbestos? In every home that SERVPRO of Anderson services that was built before the 1980's we take a small sample, as can be seen in the photo, and test it to ensure that our services will not disrupt any asbestos. 

rotting wood covered with microbial growth

Microbial Growth at Anderson, SC Home

This was the aftermath of some pretty serious water damage to a family's deck. The wood suffered rot and eventually microbial growth. At SERVPRO of Anderson we can handle any type of microbial growth inside or outside of the home. Give us a call at (864)-224-0285

contents placed outside and wrapped up for safekeeping

Contained Contents

In this Anderson, SC home contents removal was needed during the demolition process. To ensure that the customers belongings were not damaged or dirtied in any way, our production crew placed containment to keep them in found condition. 

air movers placed to help dry out area

Drying Process

Often while production completes demolition in neighboring rooms, we have drying equipment placed in all other affected rooms to keep the process moving. Drying equipment is placed upon arrival and is not removed until a dry reading is obtained. 

production member in personal protective equipment

PPE at Every Job

At SERVPRO of Anderson, our production members wear personal protective equipment on every single job site. Our goal is to protect all of our customers while keeping our production members safe at the same time. 

SERVPRO equipment in kitchen that has already had wet materials removed

Anderson, SC Water Damage

Sometimes drying equipment is still placed even when materials have been removed. In this Anderson, SC home, drying equipment was still needed once flooring was removed to dry out the subfloor. The subfloor was not so saturated that it needed to be removed, so instead our production crew placed drying equipment to complete the mitigation process. 

Bathroom with SERVPRO equipment set to begin drying process

Leaking Sink Causes Water Damage to Anderson, SC Home

This home in Anderson, SC suffered water damage in their bathroom from a leaking sink that flooded the room. SERVPRO of Anderson came out immediately and set equipment to begin the drying process. The customers were happy with how quickly our production guys worked. Call SERVPRO of Anderson if you suffer any water damage in your home. SERVPRO of Anderson, (864)-224-0285. 

SERVPRO equipment drying out room after water damage

SERVPRO Equipment Monitoring

When SERVPRO of Anderson has to place any equipment on site, while the equipment is placed, our production crew comes out to monitor it. This is done for multiple reasons. First, we want to make sure the equipment is working properly and not hazard to those living there. For drying equipment, it is important that our production team come out to take readings of affected material and move the equipment to better dry the area. Our team works very closely with the customer to come up with a hassle free schedule for monitoring. 

Call SERVPRO of Anderson (864)-224-0285 for your mitigation needs!

Commercial equipment placed on a commercial job

Commercial Mitigation

SERVPRO of Anderson is equipped to handle any size disaster. Give us a call for any of your commercial mitigation needs. 

Employees sitting down for a lunch meeting

SERVPRO Anderson's Amazing Employees

Some of our amazing Team Members enjoying lunch at a local favorite, Moe’s BBQ. We are honored to have such a Team that truly cares about the customer and quality that puts  SERVPRO of Anderson as a leader in the restoration industry.

Production member in full personal protective equipment, wrapping clients furniture

Safety First in Anderson, SC Home

This photo shows part of the process that our dedicated team goes through when working in the homes of our fellow community members. SERVPRO of Anderson's production crew takes extra time to make sure all valuables are protected from any work being done. Our crew also comes fully suited in personal protective equipment, to not only keep them safe, but help prevent the spread of germs in your homes. 

Fire damage can be seen on outside of building by glass wall

Cigarette causes Fire at Anderson, SC Restaurant

This Anderson, SC Restaurant suffered a fire just outside their front door where a cigarette in the mulch caught fire. Luckily the fire did not move past the front of the business, however smell of the smoke affected the whole building. At SERVPRO of Anderson, we specialize in cleaning and were able to get the place back and running the next day. 

3 pictures of a SERVPRO branded truck with flames and water on it

SERVPRO of Anderson and West Greenville County

The owners of SERVPRO of Anderson are also the owners of SERVPRO of West Greenville County. They are so happy to serve multiple areas in the upstate to ensure proper restoration cleanup. Take a look at our new truck!

Two men in SERVPRO gear with their bikes at a bike race

SERVPRO Helping in the Community

SERVPRO of Anderson biked and volunteered for the Hincapie Grand Fondo bike race! We would like to thank all of our volunteers for helping give back to our local community!

An uncleaned chair next to a cleaned version of the chair

Upholstery Cleaning

This is a picture of a set of chairs SERVPRO of Anderson cleaned for a residential home. The chair on the left is what the chairs looked like before they were cleaned by our team. The chair on the right is what the chairs looked like after they were cleaned. 

A two year old girl vacuuming the carpet

Future Employee in Training

Paislee, our Office Manager's daughter, is being trained early to follow in her family's footsteps to work at SERVPRO of Anderson! Here at SERVPRO of Anderson we value the work we do to help our customers, but we also value our family members.