Water Damage Photo Gallery

cause of loss for water damage

Broken Water Pipe; Cause of Loss

This was the cause of loss for an Upstate, South Carolina family's home. A pipe between the first and second floor of their home burst about a week before any apparent water damages started to appear. By the time the leak was evident, it had caused a great deal of damage to both floors of the home. 

Check out our blog to learn more about how our production crew at SERVPRO of Anderson handled this major water loss. 

SERVPRO Green drying equipment placed in family room

SERVPRO Green Drying Equipment

Not all jobs are demolition jobs, some are a simple as setting some drying equipment for a few days to get the job done. 

cause of loss for water damage

Cause of Loss; Kitchen Sink

This Anderson, South Carolina home suffered a major water loss with water left running for two weeks while the owner was out of town. This sink was the cause of loss, affecting almost the entire home. SERVPRO of Anderson is equipped to work on jobs, big or small. Give us a call for our water mitigation services at (864)-224-0285. 

cause of loss for water damage

Hidden Cause of Water Loss

This family in Anderson, SC suffered a water loss from their washing machine that affected multiple rooms surrounding it. Before our production crew went out to assess the damaged, they had a plumber come out to fix the initial cause of loss. This cause of loss was hidden behind dry wall; it was a pipe that leaked, damaging drywall and flooring. Once the issue was resolved, our crew promptly went in to begin mitigation.

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cause of loss for water damage

Anderson, SC Cause of Water Loss

This dishwasher was the cause of water loss in this Anderson, South Carolina family's home. The water valve broke, causing water damage to the linoleum flooring and crawlspace below. The family called us at SERVPRO of Anderson to come out and provide fast and efficient water mitigation services. 

bathroom pre water mitigation, demolition, and reconstruction services.

Belton, SC Bathroom Pre Water Mitigation, Demolition, and Reconstruction

This bathroom in Belton, South Carolina suffered extensive water damage from a busted water heater in a nearby room. The damages were extensive and required a lot of demolition work in order to properly mitigate. As you can see in the Pre photo above, there was no standing water or visible water damage. Through moisture readings, our crew were able to determine the extent of the water damage. 

water heater in basement that caused water loss to home

Cause of Loss; Water Heater

This water heater was the cause of loss in a finished basement. After the customer got up as much water as they could, they called us at SERVPRO of Anderson to come out and provide mitigation and demolition services. A living room and bedroom in the basement were affected by the water damages. 

water heater that caused water damages to home

Water Heater Causes Damage to Crawlspace

This customer contacted us for an estimate of services for her insurance company. Although the water heater that burst was in the garage, it managed to cause significant damages to her crawlspace. The water that seeped through caused it to sag due to oversaturation. The insurance company signed off of our provided estimate so services could begin. 

bathroom post water mitigation services and demolition

Extreme Demolition During Water Mitigation Services

This bathroom that SERVPRO of Anderson provided water mitigation services for required major demolition. The water damage was severe and left the bathroom completely saturated. The entire shower area needed material removal down to the studs. Our production crew made sure to remove all affected material to prevent microbial growth or further damages. 

bathroom pre water mitigation services with wall buckling

Water Damage in Upstate South Carolina Home

This was the aftermath of a toilet overflow that continued for an extended amount of time, resulting in water damage to multiple rooms. Notice the bulging wall near the baseboard. After an inspection, our production team let the customer know that removal of materials was going to be necessary. The customer was thankful that our team were not only straightforward, but wiling to work around their schedules and insurance as well. 

SERVPRO Green drying equipment placed in hallway

Apartment Complex Suffers Water Damage

This apartment complex suffered water damage from a water line that failed just weeks after opening. There were multiple apartments affected, as well as the hallway pictured. The SERVPRO green drying equipment was placed for multiple days to dry all affected materials for multiple days. 

tile cracking from water damage

Visible Water Damage in Anderson, SC Home

Due to water damage that was not properly mitigated, this tile has begun to crack and needs removal. Sometimes water extraction is enough to address the issue, but this is why calling an expert is important. Although there was no more water on the surface, the material is still wet and causing damage. SERVPRO of Anderson has a highly trained production crew to help with any size disaster.

Give us a call at (864)-224-0285!

extraction mats placed to dry hardwood flooring

Extraction Floor Mats

Pictured is an extraction floor mat that is often placed to help extract unseen water from flooring. It can play a crucial part to the drying process and help avoid any unnecessary floor removal. Make sure to call for professional help anytime you suffer water damage to your floors. SERVPRO of Anderson can help save your floors. Give us a call at (864)-224-0285.

pipe that burst causing water damage to bathroom

Residential Cause of Loss

Cause of Loss photos are one of the first things that our production crew do when they arrive to any home or business. Documenting the cause of loss tells our office and production crew a lot about where the surrounding damages may be. This cause of loss photo was a pipe that burst in the wall behind the bathroom vanity.  

laundry room with drying equipment placed

Drying Equipment on Subfloor in Pendleton, SC Home

After the flooring was removed in this laundry room, the subfloor still needed some drying. Our production crew placed a couple air movers to make sure that there was no moisture left behind. This is an important step to assure no microbial growth occurs!

Showroom in Anderson, SC shoe store flooded with 2 inches of water.

Water Damage in Anderson, SC Business

This was the aftermath of a burst water fountain at a shoe store in Anderson, SC. When SERVPRO Anderson production arrived on the scene there was 2 inches of water on the first floor of the business. The owner wanted us to begin work right away! If your business suffers similar water damage, give us a call for your mitigation needs. SERVPRO Anderson (864)-224-0285

SERVPRO green commercial size equipment.

Final equipment to handle larger commercial and residential projects

SERVPRO of Anderson. We have received and assembled our final equipment to handle larger commercial and residential projects. Our highly trained Team is here to help throughout the process whenever a disaster happens.

Kitchen in home where dishwasher leak caused damage to hardwood flooring

Appliance Leak Causes Water Damage in Anderson Home.

This photo represents the type of damage a small appliance can have on a home. This Anderson, SC family's dishwasher had a slow leak that eventually led to some pretty serious water damage to their flooring. They called SERVPRO of Anderson for help and luckily our production crew were able to set air movers on site right away. If you have similar damages to your home, give us a call at SERVPRO of Anderson.

Subfloor has major water damage from leaking pipe on appliance.

Major Water Damage in Anderson, SC

This home had a leaking pipe go unnoticed for over two weeks and it caused some major damage. SERVPRO of Anderson was called out and responded right away! The owner was impressed with how quickly our production team was able to get on site and begin work.

A room with wet carpet floors and tables

Water Damage Caused by Leak in Ice Machine

This church experienced a leak in their ice machine which caused water damage to 3 of the rooms in their building. We were quick to dry out most of the affected areas in only 4 days!

One picture of a concrete basement with water on the floor and one picture of the dried basement

Before and After of Basement Water Damage

Has your basement experienced flooding? This is a Before and After picture of a basement restored after it experienced extreme water damage. Call 864-224-0285 today if you need water damage restoration completed in you home!

A ceiling with pieces cut out

Ceiling Water Damage

A pipe leaked in a home causing damage to the ceiling and floor of the home. Three days after receiving the call, SERVPRO restored the house back to normal! The owner was very pleased! 

Fans and water restoration machines sitting on hardwood floors

Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of Anderson helped complete water damage restoration to an apartment. The water damage occurred due to a broken pipe and flooded multiple rooms in the apartment. We were happy to help restore the apartment!