Fire Damage Photo Gallery

cause of loss for fire damage

2022 Kitchen Fire

This was the aftermath of the cause of loss in an Upstate, South Carolina home. Stove fires in homes are one of the most common causes of loss that our production crew sees at SERVPRO of Anderson. This family suffered smoke and soot damage to the entire home from a fire that was extinguished very quickly. Despite the short lived flames, smoke and soot travel very fast and can cause some serious damages. When cleaning smoke and soot damage, make sure to call the professionals to get the job done right the first time. 

Call us at SERVPRO of Anderson for Fire Remediation at (864)-224-0285. 

Mudroom post fire restoration process

Fire Restoration

Pictured above is a mudroom in an Upstate, South Carolina home post fire restoration. The flooring and drywall were impacted greatly and needed to be removed in order to completely restore the area. 

production member wearing personal protective equipment

Fire Estimate PPE

At SERVPRO of Anderson, our production crew wear personal protective equipment even just to scope the job and provide an estimate. When walking a fire remediation job, you might see our production members walking around in similar attire to the photo above. 

ceiling destroyed from fire in home

Fire Damage in Anderson, SC

This family's home suffered smoke, soot, and water damage due to a fire. Most times when there is fire damage, water damage also occurs in the process of putting the fire out. This was the aftermath to one of the rooms, resulting in a lot of demolition. Some rooms in the home were stripped down to the studs to fully remediate the damages. 

If you suffer a fire to your home or business, call us at SERVPRO of Anderson (64)-224-0285. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

soot damage to ceiling and tops of walls in Anderson, SC home

Smoke and Soot Damage in Anderson, SC Home

This Anderson, SC home suffered minor soot and smoke damage from a small fire in the kitchen. SERVPRO of Anderson came right out to clean the home and help rid the home of that smoke smell. Call us at (864)-224-0285 for any fire remediation or cleaning work you need done in your home or business.

Electrical outlet on wall that is charred from fire

Cause of Loss is Electrical Fire in Anderson, SC Home

Pictured above was the start of a house fire in Anderson, SC. There was faulty wiring in this electrical outlet and it sparked a fire which burned multiple rooms of the family's home, and left the majority of their belongings covered in soot and smoke. They called us at SERVPRO of Anderson to come out and help them with the whole process. Our production team is not only specialized in cleaning affected structures but also the contents within. If you suffer a fire in your home or business, give SERVPRO of Anderson a call at (864)-224-0285.

Contents from a family's home who suffered a house fire

Soot Covered Content Cleaning

This is SERVPRO of Anderson's content cleaning process. Each and every piece of content gets cleaned and sorted in detail, then placed in to labeled boxes with inventory sheets. 

Photo of a kitchen that has been damaged from a fire on the stovetop

Kitchen Fire in Anderson, SC

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Anderson, SC that affected the entire home. While the kitchen suffered the majority of the damage, the rest of the home suffered smoke damage and all of its contents needed to be packed for a thorough cleaning. Fire restoration can be a lengthy process, but SERVPRO of Anderson will make sure to keep you informed every step of the way. If you suffer a fire in your home, give us a call at (864)-224-0285.

burnt remains of a kitchen stove and surrounding counters

Kitchen Fire in Anderson, SC

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Anderson, SC that SERVPRO of Anderson's production crew was called out to. As seen in the photo, there was significant smoke and soot damage to the kitchen. The fire even resulted in some windows that needed to be boarded up. The owner was pleased with how quickly our production crew got out there and got right to work explaining the process that needed to take place. 

Garage that shows damage from an electrical fire

Garage Fire in Anderson, SC Home

Have you suffered a fire in your Anderson, SC home and need help cleaning it? SERVPRO of Anderson has an amazing production crew who can come out and take care of it right away! Just give us a call at (864)-224-0285. 

The outside of a burnt house and a car that have windows broken

Fire Damage Restoration

Have you experienced a fire at your home? If so we are here to help! This photo is the aftermath of an electrical fire that started in the laundry room and spread through the house. It caused the ceiling to fall and all the windows to break leading to major damage. 

3 green air scrubbers

Air Scrubbers

If you need unsafe chemicals, particles, or gasses in the air at your home removed SERVPRO of Anderson is ready to help! We will bring one of these Air Scrubbers to your home to filter the air. Air Scrubbers are portable air moving devices equipped with carbon filtration. After we come to your home with this machine, the air in your house will be as good as new.

7 individuals wearing SERVPRO gear standing in front of a SERVPRO vehicle

Fire and Water Damage Restoration

The SERVPRO of Anderson team is here to help YOU. We have multiple trained individuals who will help restore your home after it experiences fire damage or water damage. Call the numbers on our vehicle today if you are in need of restoration services!

A room in a house with a burned floor, walls, ceiling, oven and couch all covered in fire ashes.

Fire Damage to Home in SC

The ceiling and walls of this South Carolina home were destroyed due to an electrical fire starting in the kitchen. The entire home was damaged, but we helped restore the home to make this hard time a little more bearable for the homeowners.