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Hurricane Ian 2022

9/29/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane Ian is the first major hurricane to impact the United States this hurricane season. It hit the Florida in the Gulf as a Category 4 hurricane on September, 28th in the early afternoon. Some people in the direct impact zone have been experiencing storm surges as high as 8ft tall, with an expectancy of another few feet to come. 

As of Thursday September 29th, Hurricane Ian is exiting Florida as a tropical storm and re-entering the ocean. Meteorologists expect the storm to gain strength while over the ocean and pickup hurricane status once again before it hits South Carolina on Friday September 30th. 

At SERVPRO of Anderson, our production members participate in STORM where our crew is always prepared to dispatch and help out our fellow SERVPRO operations to deal with any damages the storm may bring.

We have many blogs available to the public about Hurricane preparation that we hope will help prepare your home and businesses for Hurricane Ian. 

Stay Safe and Prepare!

Anderson, SC Commercial Water Loss

9/24/2022 (Permalink)

Office are pre water mitigation Saturated Office Flooring

This commercial business in Anderson, South Carolina suffered a water loss to their office spaces in a warehouse. The customer called us at SERVPRO of Anderson stating that they walked into gallons of standing water in their office area. Once they called a plumber out, they found the source of the water loss was the hot water line bursting over the weekend. The customer informed us that the plumber was currently fixing the leak and requested out immediate extraction services. Our office staff got to work contacting the production members in the field and got someone to head that way within an hour of the initial call. The customer was really pleased with how quickly the whole process went from first call to someone on site. At SERVPRO of Anderson, you can expect this kind of quick and efficient services for every single service call. 

Once on site, our team provided the extraction service we were called in for and talked over the drying process with the customer. After just five days of drying and a quick clean up with our HEPA vacuum, the job was complete! 

Call us at (864)-224-0285 for our commercial water mitigation services. We are 'Faster to Any Disaster!'

National Preparedness Month 2022: Fires

9/17/2022 (Permalink)

With September being National Preparedness Month, we at SERVPRO of Anderson like to take this month to give our community reminders on how you can prepare your home and business against disaster. There are all types of disasters that can strike your home or business that are out of our control, but how the structure holds up to the disaster and how quickly the mitigation and remediation work is done, is completely up to you! 

When preparing your home or business for a Fire, there are some important things to keep in mind, courtesy of 

  • Fire is FAST! In less that 30 seconds, a small flame can grow into a major fire. In minutes, a house can be engulfed in flames. 
  • Fire is HOT! Heat is more threatening that flames. Room temp. in a fire can be 100 at floor level and rise to 600 at eye level. 
  • Fire is DARK! It starts bright, but quickly produces black smoke and complete darkness. 

To help prepare for a house fire, make sure you have done annual maintance to your fire alarms, and check them monthly to ensure they are working properly. For a business, make sure that sprinkler systems are installed properly and tested regularly. In both structures, keeping the doors closed can not only save your life, but prevent extensive smoke and soot damages to rooms not directly affected by the flames. 

To do more research on how to prepare for disaster, visit 

National Preparedness Month 2022: Hurricanes

8/27/2022 (Permalink) takes an extra step with National Preparedness Month to help people prepare for disaster. While we at SERVPRO of Anderson take all year to prepare for disasters and how to repair the damage after, we know that with the every day bustle of life that it can be easy to forget to prepare your home or business. We have a few reminders, courtesy of and 

Before preparing your home or business for Hurricane season, first determine the best way to protect yourself from winds and flooding, know where to take refuge, evacuation routes, and your risk of potential damages from the storm.

After first preparing for your safety, make sure to strengthen your home or business by brining in outdoor furniture, trimming nearby trees and bushes, and reinforcing your doors and windows. Regular maintenance of the home is crucial for protecting it against heavy weather. 

The best tip SERVPRO of Anderson can offer is to check your insurance coverage before disaster strikes. 

Important Piece of Equipment

8/20/2022 (Permalink)

servpro equipment Right Equipment for the Job

Equipment is one of the things that sets us apart at SERVPRO of Anderson from all other mitigation companies. We make sure to acquire the best SERVPRO Green equipment to handle any size and type of disaster. 

Believe it or not, this dump truck is one of SERVPRO of Anderson most important piece of equipment for water, fire, and storm jobs. They have traveled with us all over the east cost to help clean up of multiple different floods, tornadoes, tropical storms, and hurricanes. 

One of the first steps of the mitigation process is to clean up and provide demolition services to the affected space. Rather that leave the materials sitting around for any amount of time, these dump trucks allow us to keep it clean while we provide services.

Drying Mat System

8/20/2022 (Permalink)

Drying Mat Drying Mat System

At SERVPRO of Anderson, we like to do everything we can to try and salvage the affected materials at our customer's homes or business. The first thing that our production crew will do when they arrive to the affected space, is take moisture readings of all the materials that have been affected by the water loss. These numbers will tell us a lot about the next steps in the mitigation process. 

If the moisture reading numbers are low enough and there is a request to salvage the flooring, we have a specific drying technique where we place the mats pictured above on the saturated flooring. 

While we don't recommend this process to all of our water mitigation clients, it can be a great option if the moisture reading is low enough upon arrival. 

Call us at SERVPRO of Anderson to learn more about our services. Reach us at (864)-224-0285. 

2022 Emergency Readiness Plan

8/11/2022 (Permalink)

Do you know what you would do if you suffered a major loss at your Upstate, South Carolina business? . When something does happen, like a fire or flood, it can close the doors to your business for weeks or even months. Having an emergency response plan is crucial to aid in the fast recovery of your business. This is a burden that no one ever expects, but SERVPRO of Anderson can help make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. 

We offer a free service of coming out to your place of business and developing an emergency response profile that will help minimalize disruption in your everyday business.

An ERP includes:

  • Assessment of business facility
  • A portfolio that gives you important information if a disaster were to take place
  • A guide to help your business become safe for reentry
  • Creates a relationship with us to act as your mitigation and restoration provider
  • A itemized list of water shut off valves and other emergency details.

Call us at SERVPRO of Anderson (864)-224-0285 to complete your Business ERP.

Fire Remediation PPE 2022

8/6/2022 (Permalink)

production member wearing PPE Fire Remediation PPE, Just Add Gloves

According to OSHA, “Personal protective equipment is worn to minimize exposure to a variety of hazards. Examples of PPE include such items as gloves, foot and eye protection, protective hearing devices (earplugs, muffs) hard hats, respirators and full body suit.

We take the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) very seriously. On every job that our production crew goes on, there is some use of PPE, even if it is just a mask.

On any fire remediation job, there can be many hazardous materials affected by the fire, such as asbestos, lead, household chemicals, and mold. These materials, on top of the smoke and soot, require additional personal protective equipment to prevent the inhalation and physical contact with any of these harmful substances.

Personal protective equipment that may be required on a fire remediation job, depending on the extent of the damages, could include:

  • Respirator/ Face Mask
  • Eye Protection
  • Foot protection
  • Gloves
  • Headwear

SERVPRO Equipment

7/31/2022 (Permalink)

types of SERVPRO Equipment The right tools for any job.

On any job that SERVPRO of Anderson's production team sets foot on, we are going to have the bare minimum of the SERVPRO Green equipment pictured to the right. No matter the size of the job, all of our trucks and vans are loaded with air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers. 

If you have never experienced a water, fire, or mold loss in your home or business, these tools may look foreign to you. Let us break down some of the equipment you may see if SERVPRO of Anderson comes to mitigate a loss for you. Starting with the three tools pictured;

Air Movers 

An air mover is a high power fan that blows air into the affected space to dry the area as efficiently as possible. Our crew arranges the equipment often to assure maximum drying. 

Air Scrubber

An air scrubber helps to remove toxins and odors from the affected space, such as fire or mold smell. 


A dehumidifier works hand in hand with the air mover to help dry the affected space. It can help to stop an microbial growth from happening.

These are just a few of the tools that our crew use to help mitigate the water, fire, or mold damage from your home or business. Some jobs require more specialized equipment to get the job done. Make sure to check out our blog on specialized SERVPRO equipment that we may use on larger jobs. 

Meet Our Production Member, Toby!

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

production member wearing PPE Senior Production Member, Toby

Toby is one of SERVPRO of Anderson's senior production members. He has been with our SERVPRO branch since the very beginning, when our owner and CEO Johnny purchased the branch in 2017. He works hard every day to make sure that our customer's are satisfied and well informed. 

One of his duties as a production team member is to document every step of his work at a customer's home or business. He does this by taking detailed notes and photos during each step in the mitigation or remediation process. You can make sure that if Toby is working on the jobsite, that things are going to be done as efficiently as possible. 

You can always be sure to find him decked out in SERVPRO swag!