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Flooded Apartments in Anderson, SC

This flooded apartment in Anderson, SC was one of two apartments that suffered damage from a broken water pipe. SERVPRO of Anderson came in to perform services,... READ MORE

Water Loss in Hartwell, GA

This homeowner's kitchen in Hartwell, GA suffered water damage during the Thanksgiving holiday when their refrigerator water line began leaking. The customer in... READ MORE

Anderson, SC Hallway Water Mitigation

SERVPRO of Anderson performed mitigation services at this local customer's home. Part of the mitigation process included removal of carpeting and baseboards. Ou... READ MORE

Drying and Floor Board Removal

This customer called us at SERVPRO of Anderson for minor water mitigation services. The water hose on their washing machine came loose, leading to standing wate... READ MORE

Crawlspace Water Damage in Anderson, SC Home

This Anderson, SC homeowner suffered water damage to their home when their water heater, located in the garage, leaked. The water seeped down into the crawlspac... READ MORE

Water Damage in Pickens, SC

This master bathroom in Pickens, SC was the source of a water loss in this residential home. The water sat for an extended amount of time before any work was st... READ MORE

Outside Water Causes Water Damage to Local Apartments

This bedroom closet in a local upstate apartment complex was affected by outside water from heavy rain. The water entered in by the garage and affected this uni... READ MORE

Faster to Any Disaster!

SERVPRO of Anderson was on this job in just an hour when the customer called us with a busted water heater and no way to turn of the main water line. Our office... READ MORE

Water Extraction in Anderson, SC Basement

Water extraction is often part of a water mitigation job. When there is standing water in a room, it must first be removed before proper drying can begin. We re... READ MORE

Major Demolition in Anderson, SC Home

This home in Anderson, SC suffered major water damage that began in the third story of their home. The damage extended down into the basement. Notice in the aft... READ MORE