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Pendleton, SC Home Suffers Water Damage

This family suffered water damage when their washing machine's drain pipe leaked on the second floor. It affected the laundry room upstairs, some surrounding ro... READ MORE

Water Mitigation Services in Anderson, SC Bathroom

This family suffered water damage to multiple rooms of their home when their washing machine hookup begin to leak. Luckily, this bathroom only needed flooring r... READ MORE

Further Water Damage Found in SC Home

SERVPRO of Anderson was called in to help complete reconstruction on this home. When our production crew arrived there was already extensive demolition done. Up... READ MORE

Removal of Saturated Materials

This family's kitchen, dining room, and living room were affected from water damage that completely saturated the walls. SERVPRO of Anderson came in and complet... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Anderson Water Mitigation Services

This family suffered water damage from a busted pipe in their master bathroom. They needed flooring removal in several rooms, as well as some cabinets and count... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Damage in Honea Path, SC Home

This kitchen suffered water damage from a leaking pipe under the sink. While the cabinets were able to be dried out by using our drying equipment, some of the f... READ MORE

Flooring Removal in Anderson, SC Home

This family needed the flooring and some cabinetry removed when they suffered water damage. They were suffering from plumbing issues throughout the entire home ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Anderson, SC Home

The kitchen in the before picture may not look like there is any water damage, but the flooring and cabinets are all saturated with water. This Anderson, SC fam... READ MORE

Sink Valve Causes Water Damage in Anderson Home

This kitchen in an Anderson, SC home had some water damage going on that was not very visible to the eye. The sink valve to the kitchen sink stopped working. Fi... READ MORE

Business suffers Microbial Growth in Anderson, SC

This business noticed that there was some growth going on in a room that they do not frequent often. They called SERVPRO of Anderson out to come take a look and... READ MORE